The Fondazione Natalino Corazza Psoriasi & Co. establishes an award open to all students of the Bologna Academy of Arts.

Theme of the Award
The Award, in line with the Foundation’s mission, has as it’s main object the skin.
Skin is investigated and examined as it holds the experience of life, youth and old age. Skin speaks, like a gossiper who cannot keep a secret. Skin talks to us, without words or sound, simply revealing itself to us. we can call it many words: our hide, our fur, our peel.
A skin both hard and fragile, sensitive and thick, that protects and afflicts us.
A sacred shell, an emotional shell.

“From a physiological point of view our skin is not just what covers our body but the finest and most sensitive sense of touch. Spiritually, it is the aura which protects man”.
( Ernst Junger: ” Language and Anatomy”).

We could also envision our skin as a book cover, both contai ing us while at the same time expo sing itself. ” My skin is an open book, its binding falls apart with no need to leaf through it. My skin is a book cover from the first page to the last”.
( Tiziano Scarpa: “Corpo”)

A surface which individualizes and diversifies us with its granular structure, its colour, its smell. Human skin presents considerable individual differences.
Such differences can be narcisistically over- invested ( even socially). These differences allow us to discern in others the object of their devotion and love and to assert themselves as individuals with their own, exclusive skin.
( Didier Anzieu: ” The I skin)
Surface is therefore a tactility, an imprint belonging to an outward, visible world that can interfere with an inward, more intimate and invisibile world, our soul, our psiche, our most personal, emotional ego, modifying and/ or shaping it.
How does our skin, inevitably exposed and visible to all influence, through interaction, our inner nature, our personal self, our soul?

The Foundation asks participants to consider how each work was elaborated, allowing young artists to express themselves freely on this subject.

The awards giving ceremony will take place on April 7 th, 2017 in the Aula Magna of the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.
Prizes will be given by the anthropologist David Le Breton.

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