The conference “How food changes us: nutrition, nutraceuticals and nutrigenomics” (Come il cibo ci modifica: nutrizione, nutraceutica e nutrigenomica) was held on the 7th of June 2017, in the Hall of the Order of Pharmacists of the province of Bologna.

The speakers were:

  • Claudio Borghi – moderator
  • Carlo Gessa – “Organic farming products: a questionable choice” (Prodotti da agricoltura biologica: una scelta discutibile)
  • Silvana Hrelia – “Nutraceuticals and translational nutrition: the 3.0 vision of enhancement medicine” (Nutraceutica e nutrizione traslazionale: la visione 3.0 della medicina potenziativa)
  • Arrigo Cicero – “Clinical nutraceuticals, inflammation and correlated risks: diet and pharmaceuticals” (Nutraceutica clinica, infiammazione e rischi correlati: fra dieta e farmaco).
  • Federico Bardazzi – “Psoriasis and nutrition: do certain foods influence psoriasis?” (Psoriasi e nutrizione: esistono cibi che la influenzano?)
  • Luigi Greco – “How food changes us: nutrigenomics and health” (Come il cibo ci modifica: nutrigenomica e salute)

The information material provided by the speakers is available on the right-hand side of this page. You can also download the summary of the conference, written by Professor Gianni Porzi, at the following link.

Download the summary of the conference in italian